Blessings for each month

The New Year presents us with thoughts of the many unknowns which scare the wit out of us most times. Corrie Ten Boom once admonished, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”; that’s because God’s always at work and has prepackaged blessings for you in each month:

  • Delight in the Joy which the month of January brings, for the surely joy of the Lord is your strength, the strength you need to kick-off the New Year.
  • Come February, your life shall begin to witness the Fulfillment of every God-assigned purpose. You are being pruned always by the Vine Keeper that you may remain fruitful (Jn. 15:2).
  • Your head shall be lifted up above your enemies’ all around you (Ps 27:6) as March draws near. With a royal March you shall celebrate your victory over your enemies.
  • How glorious shall the month of April be, God is opening the windows of heaven and pouring out in Abundance all kinds of good things that there won’t be enough room for you to receive them (Mal. 3: 10). For that reason, you shall be a lender and never for once a borrower (Deu. 28:12).
  • Marvelous is the month of May, Christ will work many Miracles in your life. Remember that for the works He did, you can do even greater works if you believe in Him (Jn. 14:12).
  • You shall call for a Jubilee celebration in the month of June to testify of a truth that God is good (Ps. 118: 1).
  • Prayers of deliverance shall be answered speedy. You shall bless God’s name for Jail-break from captivity as July greets you.
  • In August, get ready to experience the Awe-striking presence of the Lord, the One who sits on the throne (Rev. 4:3).
  • After these life-changing and amazing experiences in your life, you’ll have every reason to reaffirm the Lord as Saviour all through the month of September.
  • And in October, lo and behold, Open-heaven awaits you. Impossibilities shall become possible for you.
  • Though the struggle, pressure and trouble may intensify, November is the month of Non-stop grace of God. That will rejuvenate you and thrust you forward to the end.
  • Finally, the end of the year, the end of turmoil, adversities and stress –December, the month of Destruction and Doom for evil and negativity as you celebrate the birth of the Messiah.

So then as each month unveils itself, remain expectant and savor the blessings each supplies.

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