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Blessings for each month

The New Year presents us with thoughts of the many unknowns which scare the wit out of us most times. Corrie Ten Boom once admonished, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”; that’s because God’s always at work and has prepackaged blessings for you in each month: Delight in the Joy which the month of 

The place of adversity

The place of adversity Some time ago, a poll was conducted with the aim of ascertaining what the best university in the world was. When the poll result was announced, to the astonishment of many the best university wasn’t Oxford, neither was it Cambridge nor the university you and I obtained a BSc from. The winning university was University of 

Physical Christ versus the phantom Christ

If you were to choose between a physical Lamborghini versus a phantom one, I bet you’d pick the former (just like me). After reading several stories in the Bible, mostly in the New Testament, I somewhat envied those who encountered physical Christ. I pine for the physical Christ of the Bible in lieu of the phantom One as we have 

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