What tickles your joy?


I once sat down and reflected back in my life when I and my siblings were in a quest for the perfect trigger of our joy. We would nag our parents for toys to seemingly satisfy our desires. One of the first toys we had was a ‘melodious piano’ as it was called.  I remember one night when my dad returned from work, he called me and my two elder ones to his room. Surprisingly, he unwrapped something singing, and lo and behold our dream just came true, we thought, as we gazed continuously at the blue piano with its black and white keys. We thanked him so much, I’m sure, but for how long we would not bug him anymore we couldn’t tell.

Nothing lasts forever as you’d expect, (except the blessings of God though).  Within a very short time, we soon became dissatisfied with our piano which wasn’t melodious anymore because it got faulty; so we sought something else. Again, I remember clearly, my siblings and I had visited a family friend‘s where we had our breath taken away, and our eyes popped out by the sight of a talking action-figure robot toy (it looked very much like the cartoon figure Voltron – the defender of the universe; you remember that right?). As you’d guess, we didn’t even wait to get home that day before we submitted our request for a new toy. Of course, my parents, in order to keep us happy and from weariness from our bugging, granted us that wish. And so, the quest for joy continued.

As we grew older, we realized that as humans, our needs, wants and desires are insatiable. Therefore, we became more careful about what we wished for. We learnt that earthly things are fickle and transient; they may bring a sense of joy today but what about tomorrow – especially when we see our neighbor with something more precious than what we possess?

In that light, Jesus enjoins us to set our hearts on heavenly things especially on God’s words. His words remain even in the midst of war and chaos, speaking words of peace and security to us; they are there in times of sorrow and grieve saying to us – “don’t worry, joy’s coming”; they are there to strengthen our bones in our weak moments and to give us confident hope for a better tomorrow. He asks that we set our affections on the unchanging and unshakable word of God for “heaven and earth will pass away but not one jot of my word will be lost” (Matthew 24:35). I am sure you want to enjoy eternal and everlasting joy – so do I.

For joy to be enduring, it must be attached to an immutable element.  Someone once said that joy is not the absence of sorrow, but the presence of God. So then, to answer the question – What tickles your joy? – my response is – “the Word, the Way and the Provisions of God.”  How about you – what tickles your joy?

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