Hannah’s Prayer

I have often wondered why humans are quick to make jest of others; they assumed to be less privileged.  I remember several years ago, a relative of mine who was seeking employment finally secured one, though she earned less than the minimum wage or less than what she expected, nonetheless she was grateful for procuring a job.  When some members of her family realized the low wage she earned, the mocking started.  They mocked her endlessly.  Years later, God blessed her with a job where she earned more than double the previous salary. Though she was grateful for the job she had, she cried unto God endlessly to procure a different job with higher salary.  God answered her prayers.  She tells her stories now not for pity but to glorify the name of the Lord.  God is a God of restoration, He is an unfailing God.

Many believers go through difficult situation and begin to question God’s love for them.  Some of His promises might take a while to manifest but rest assured that God always keeps His promises.  The story of Hannah in 1st Samuel 1, 2 is an example of God’s divine intervention in the midst of agony.  Peninnah antagonized Hannah because she was childless.   Hannah cried unto the Lord and God heard her prayers; she eventually gave birth to a son called Samuel.  She endured years of cruel mocking, and taunts from Peninnah for being childless.  God restored her and she was abundantly blessed with six children.  She never allowed herself to be bitter toward God, instead she used the pain in her as a catalyst to be prayerful.

There is a season for everything.  I believe God has a purpose for us.  Whatever you are going through, go to God in prayers.  Every shed tears means that your breakthrough is on its way.  Do not allow the Peninnahs of the world deter you from seeking God’s face.  God uses circumstances, be it unemployment or rejection to push one to greatness.  You are on the verge of birthing your Samuel, that great job, that successful business, or academic excellence whatever that goal or dream may be.  Remember that God is not ignoring you in that difficult situation, before a breakthrough there is usually a crisis.  God is right there with you.

You are not a failure, you are a success. You are not rejected; you are bound for greatness.  You are not broken; you have been set free.  Stop crying; PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).  Develop an intimate relationship with God; be grateful to be among the ones who have been touched by His greatness.  Praising God in a difficult journey is an indication that God is ready to pour down His blessings upon your life.  This is your season of jubilee, of celebration and rejoicing, His thoughts for us are thoughts of good.  Rest assured that your breakthrough is here.

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